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->Stain and spot removal

->Fully qualified experienced technicians

->Both dry cleaning and steam cleaning available

Full steam cleaning of carpets including specialist stain removal as a one-off deep clean or part of a maintenance programme.


For most of our professional upholstery cleaning, we use a powerful hot water extraction system reaching deep down into the fabric eliminating stains and bacteria.
Regular professional cleaning helps to maintain appearance and extend the life of furniture and fabrics.

specialist rug cleaning





Regular Carpet Maintenance Guide 


Effective Vacuuming

An essential element in any Cleaning & Maintenance programme to reduce wear.

High usage areas should be vacuumed daily to help reduce the unsightly build-up of dry dirt, dust and grit. Use of an upright twin motor vacuum cleaner agitates pile, removes dry soilage & enhances the carpet appearance.

Tub Vacuums are not as effective, unless fitted with a turbo brush attachment to agitate the fibres and loosen soiling.


Regular Spot Removal

Failure to remove unsightly marks on a regular basis increases the chance of permanent staining & leads to a decline in general appearance.

For quick and easy spot removal use a specialised kit e.g. Host Spotting Kit or Spotzapper Kit.


Periodic Cleaning

The required frequency for appearance retention will depend on carpet colour, type of installation and traffic flow.

To allow the carpet to soil excessively before cleaning can lead to costly replacement.

A Carpet Maintenance Programme can be tailored to your exact needs and budget.

Richard came and cleaned carpets in new house before we moved in. Could not have been more friendly, thorough and professional. Would use again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend.

William Falconer

Have used Arwin for over 20 years. 
Richard took over from his dad and is keeping the business alive.
Highly recommended!


Bettina Benjamin

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